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08 January 2013 @ 06:09 pm

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Welcome to exoplosion, a weekly drabble challenge community for EXO. If you wish to participate in the challenges or simply wish to stay in the sidelines as a spectator, feel free to join or watch the community for updates.

03 January 2013 @ 12:55 am
EXO members needed exohex_rp
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11 December 2012 @ 02:44 pm
in a heartbeat
4,029w, g
baekhyun’s new roommate intimidates him, so they don’t talk—until he finds his roommate’s drawer full of post-its.

Throughout the months, Baekhyun has learnt to accept that Zitao is a special person, special in his own way, and special to Baekhyun. )
05 December 2012 @ 06:23 pm
Title: icing hearts
Pairing: Baekhyun/Tao
Length: twoshot; 9K+
Rating: G/PG(??)
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Summary: Baekhyun is awkward, Zitao is cute, and Lu Han is an extremely unhelpful friend.

It probably wouldn’t even stop his heart from beating a little faster.
28 October 2012 @ 02:17 pm
Title: So Lucky (The Love I’ve Found)
Pairing: BaekTao
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Zitao is in love for the first time, Baekhyun is confused, and Chanyeol is an idiot. NaruTao verse. Fluuuuffff. LOL
Disclaimer: Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual

"Hyung, I like you."

Baekhyun wasn't exactly sure how he had ended up in this situation. Sure, he’d been spending most of his nights dreaming of the way girls would confess to him, like maybe some cute petite girl will come up to him and say, ‘Oppa~ Suki da yo!’ (the Chanyeol in his head was screeching, ‘ByunBaek, you’re not even Japanese!’), but never in his wildest dreams, he had ever thought of this sort of situation.
17 August 2012 @ 03:40 am
Title: Sick Feelings
Pairing: Baektao
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, slight angst?
Word Count: 380 w.
Summary: Baekhyun loves it when Zitao clings to him.

Baekhyun misses Zitao no doubt, because during the latter’s stay in Korea, he’d paste onto him incessantly, whispering constantly, “I’ve missed you, hyung.”